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Volume 25 (1879)


“This Year Also”

1451B The Covenant Pleaded
1452A The Sick Man Left Behind
1452B The Rider on the White Horse and the Armies with Him
1453 Eternal Faithfulness Unaffected by Human Unbelief
1454A The Empty Seat
1454B The Poor Man’s Prayer
1455 Every Man’s Necessity
1456 Peace—A Fact and A Feeling
1457A The Numbered People
1457B Seekers Directed and Encouraged
1458 A Sermon Upon One Nothing By Another Nothing
1459A Satan’s Punctuality, Power and Purpose
1459B The Dual Nature and the Duel Within
1460 The Meat and Drink of the New Nature
1461A The Seven Sneezes
1461B Eyes Opened
1462 The Yoke Removed and the Lord Revealed
1463A The Roes and the Hinds
1463B The Rising Sun
1464 A Refreshing Promise
1465A The Son Glorified by the Father and the Father Glorified by the Son
1465B The Royal Prerogative
1466 The Three Whats
1467A The Oil and the Vessels
1467B Two Sorts of Hearers
1468 The Philosophy and Propriety of Abundant Praise
1469 Prayer Perfumed with Praise
1470 A Question for Hard-Hearted Hearers
1471 Concealing the Words of God
1472 The Glory, Unity and Triumph of the Church
1473 Forts Demolished and Prisoners Taken
1474 The Middle Passage
1475 Crowning Blessings Ascribed to God
1476 Jesus, The Judge
1477 Jesus Admired in Them That Believe
1478 Greater Things Yet. Who Shall See Them?
1479 The Work of Grace the Warrant for Obedience
1480 Constant, Instant, Expectant
1481 The Red Heifer
1482 Our Change of Masters
1483 The Present Crisis
1484 Our Motto
1485 The Withered Hand
1486 The Shame and Spitting
1487 The Prophet Like Unto Moses
1488 More and More, Or Less and Less
1489 The Plague of the Heart
1490 Contention Ended and Grace Reigning
1491 Remember Lot’s Wife
1492 The First Note of My Song
1493 The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ
1494 The One Foundation
1495 The King-Priest
1496 Among Lions
1497 Self-Righteousness—A Smoldering Heap of Rubbish
1498 Mistrust of God Deplored and Denounced
1499 The Lessons of the Foot-Washing
1500 Number 1500—Or, “Lifting Up the Bronze Serpent
1501 Refuges of Lies and What Will Become of Them
1502 Satan in a Rage
1503 How to Read the Bible
1504 The Dromedaries
1505 Prayer to God in Trouble an Acceptable Sacrifice
1506 Choice Comfort for a Young Believer
1507 Soul Saving Our One Business
1508 The Philosophy of Promise
1509 The Best of All Sights
1510 The Hunger-Bite

Volume 26 (1880)


Questions Which Ought to Be Asked

1512 Loyal to the Core
1513 Cheer Up, My Comrades!
1514 The Keynote of a Choice Sonnet
1515 A Woman of a Sorrowful Spirit
1516 Salvation by Knowing the Truth
1517 For the Candid and Thoughtful
1518 Beloved and Yet Afflicted
1519 At School
1520 Pressing Questions of An Awakened Mind
1521 A Plain Answer to An Important Enquiry
1522 Expected Proof of Professed Love
1523 The Royal Prerogative
1524 Your Personal Salvation
1525 The Lily Among Thorns
1526 The Fair Portrait of a Saint
1527 Perfect Sanctification
1528 “They Were Tempted”
1529 A Powerful Reason for Coming to Christ
1530 Following the Risen Christ
1531 On Whose Side Are You?
1532 The Holy Spirit’s Intercession
1533 Fear Not
1534 Salvation by Works, a Criminal Doctrine
1535 Christ’s Universal Kingdom and How It Comes
1536 Sentence of Death, the Death of Self-Trust
1537 Samuel—An Example of Intercession
1538 Divine Surprises
1539 “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”
1540 The Mediator—Judge and Savior
1541 Unprofitable Servants
1542 Free Grace a Motive for Free Giving
1543 The Sheep Before the Shearers
1544 Mahanaim—Or, Hosts of Angels
1545 God Glorified by Children’s Mouths
1546 Men Bewitched
1547 Samuel and the Young Man Saul
1548 John and Herod
1549 Good News for Thirsty Souls
1550 The Unspeakable Gift
1551 Today! Today! Today!
1552 The Friends of Jesus
1553 Faith Working by Love
1554 Redemption by Price
1555 The Glories of Forgiving Grace
1556 The Waterpots at Cana
1557 Walking Humbly with God
1558 Rare Fruit
1559 Tokens for Good
1560 The Plain Man’s Pathway to Peace
1561 Asleep and Yet Awake—A Riddle
1562 Harvest Past, Summer Ended and Men Unsaved
1563 The Duty of the Present Hour
1564 Desires Towards God—A Sermon for the Weak
1565 Maschil of Ethan, a Majestic Song
1566 Cheer for the Worker and Hope for London
1567 The Blood of the Covenant
1568 The Believer Catechized
1569 The Golden Lamp and Its Goodly Lessons
1570 The Lamentations of Jesus
1571 The Joy of Jesus
1572 Alive
1573 Bad Lodgers and How to Treat Them
1574 I Was Before

Volume 27 (1881)

1575 The Sitting of the Refiner
1576 The Throne of God and of the Lamb
1577 Sin Subdued
1578 Taught That We May Teach
1579 Roads Cleared
1580 An Indictment with Four Counts
1581 Silver Sockets—Redemption the Foundation!
1582 Fruit of the Spirit—Joy
1583 Choice Food for Pilgrims to Canaan
1584 The Heroic in Christianity
1585 Truthfulness
1586 Holy Longings
1587 Jesus at a Standstill
1588 The Believer’s Death Day Better Than His Birthday
1589 A Hasty Expression Penitently Retracted
1590 The Barrier
1591 Honey from a Lion
1592 The Common Salvation
1593 Rejecters of the Gospel Admonished
1594 The Candle
1595 The Valley of the Shadow of Death
1596 Hearken and Look—Or, Encouragement for Believers
1597 The Priest Ordained by the Oath of God
1598 The Substance of True Religion
1599 Everyday Religion
1600 A Greater Than Solomon
1601 The Judgment Seat of God
1602 Farm Laborers
1603 What the Farm Laborers Can Do and What They Cannot Do
1604 Heart Disease Curable
1605 Jesus Knew What He Would Do
1606 Ziklag—Or David Encouraging Himself in God
1607 The Swiftly Running Word
1608 The Double “Come”
1609 Faith—What Is It? How Can It Be Obtained?
1610 A Miniature Portrait of Joseph
1611 The Word of the Cross
1612 The Minstrel
1613 Shut In Or Shut Out
1614 Dressing in the Morning
1615 Singing in the Ways of the Lord
1616 Saved in Hope
1617 Love’s Labors
1618 Holiness, the Law of God’s House
1619 The Pentecostal Wind and Fire
1620 Is It Nothing to You?
1621 The Ark of the Covenant
1622 Mongrel Religion
1623 Wholehearted Religion
1624 Welcome! Welcome!
1625 Without Christ—Nothing
1626 The Principal Wheat
1627 Baptism—A Burial
1628 Till We Meet Again
1629 Two Good Things
1630 Four Choice Sentences
1631 The Main Matter
1632 The Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes
1633 Sarah and Her Daughters
1634A The Bride and Her Ornaments—The Sin of Forgetting God
1634B Loved and Loving
1635 Only Trust Him! Only Trust Him!
1636 Chastened Happiness

Special thanks to those who helped re-proof the sermons.
May the Lord bless you abundantly for your labor of love.